About Us

"The Voice of McLean"

The McLean Citizens Association (MCA) has served since 1914 as an unofficial town council for the residents of the McLean area which has no governmental structure of its own. MCA has provided a forum in which all McLean residents can discuss ways to resolve community problems and countywide issues affecting the area.

County supervisors, state legislators, county staff, and other public officials frequently address MCA meetings on matters of interest to McLean residents. The MCA serves as the umbrella organization for homeowner, civic, and community associations in the McLean Planning District.

The MCA Supports

    Excellence in education

    Adherence to the Comprehensive Land Use Plan

    Prudent taxing and spending policies

    Preserving/protecting our natural resources

    Cost efficient and safe transportation facilities

MCA History

The MCA is making available this copyrighted history of our organization for our members and the community on the MCA Website with the express permission of the authors, Merrily Pierce and Paul Kohlenberger. As with any copyrighted material, it is requested that any use of the information in the document be appropriately referenced. Please request authors' permission to use original charts and photographs.

Click this link MCA Historical Summary (CLICK HERE) to read the history of McLean Citizens Association (MCA) from its birth in 1914 until today.

MCA Organizational Structure

The MCA is a non-profit corporation. It has a 40-member Board of Directors elected annually by the membership. The Board meets the first Wednesday of every month (except August) at the McLean Community Center. Board Meetings are open to the public.

The Board consists of an Executive Committee of six officers, 14 at-large members and 20 members representing neighborhood, homeowner, and community organizations.

There are three General Membership Meetings annually - one of them, in October, is usually a political forum at which MCA members can hear and question candidates for election to public office. Residents of the McLean Planning District are eligible to join. Dues are $15 a year.

Your dues are our only source of funding Become a member today and help make McLean a better place to live!

MCA Celebrates Its Centennial

About 145 MCA members, friends, and dignitaries celebrated MCA's 100 years of civic leadership in McLean at a reception on Thursday, November 20, 2014 at the McLean Community Center. The Virginia General Assembly, Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, Governing Board of the McLean Community Center, and Virginia Senator Warner paid tribute to MCA in resolutions and letters that were read at the celebration. Additionally, thirteen of MCA's past Presidents were honored by MCA, as were elected officials who represent the greater McLean area at the local and state levels and some of MCA's local partner organizations. Guests received a 57-page booklet of MCA's history, compiled by MCA members Merrily Pierce and Paul Kohlenberger. Copies of the history booklet may be purchased for $5 plus shipping and handling ($1.50 additional) by contacting MCA at info@mcleancitizens.org. To view event pictures, click here.